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photographer - Francesco Lembo

new collection - Elio Illiano

model -  Nia Tsiklauri1 & Vittoria Grimaldi 

mua - Lisap.mua 

jewelry - Francesco Tramontano 

Melancholia perpetuum mobile of a woman in the making.

The assortments of colors and contrasts, dresses surrounded by the sweetness of a reborn nature and the style of a woman who becomes every spring, are the contribution of Elio Illiano fashion designer to the advent of the spring season 2021. The capsule collection, “Melancholia” avails itself of the collaboration of the fashion photographer Francesco Lembo who creates an almost pictorial project where the mirror of pigments reigns and a visual rendering with unexpected contents. "Melancholia" - Illiano and Lembo explain to us - we trace the term back to its historical-etymological root, where it does not properly indicate melancholy as we use it today as an Italian dictionary, but as a transcendent act of looking within oneself "....


... The interpretative key offered by the two authors of the "Melancholia" project is highlighted by a symbolic and fairy tale set and at the same time compositions that create temporal flows in dialogue with pictorial art. Caspar David Friedrich and his "The white cliffs of Rugen" inspires, as the photographer Lembo tells us, a setting that manages to create a wave of rebirth that invests the woman we wanted to represent.

The dresses conceived by the stylist Illiano prefer silk and organza, brocade but also tulle and lace, a portrait of a feminine spring suspended between the new romantic but without giving up the strongest identity traits such as lingerie that bursts from transparencies. The elaborate project explores the archetypal symbolism, the white rabbit, the key, the garden of rebirth and the fountain, to outline the features of a woman who comes from an origin and becomes a daughter and a creature of nature.


An infinite variety of possible interpretations in the fresh and sunny and at the same time intimate and courageous look imagined by Elio Illiano who, in the visual rendering of the talented Francesco Lembo, takes on all the characteristics of an interesting catwalk that will take place in Rome in spring, an event organized by the fashion hunter agency Flavia Cannata of Alwaysupportalent. At the center of the Melancholia catwalk, women remain, the beauty of personalities that becomes an opportunity for reflection on how to decline femininity without stereotypes or clichés.

text of the journalist Emiliana Chiarolanza


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