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Jewelry and glass dress  ANTONIO DEI ROSSI




Model/boat driver GIANLUCA MOROSO

Location  Palazzo Gradenigo VENICE


The creative synergy of Luca Giannola and Antonio dei Rossi, fashion designer and jewelry designer respectively, is based on the complementary exchange between dress and jewelry and results in an artistic collaboration sophisticated and balanced to become a unique work.

The idea is the realization of works, unique pieces aimed at the interaction with Venice (Antonio's birthplace), the integration of the project into the history and architecture of the city, through ,a series of photographic shots in Venetian settings, historic palazzi or private residences where Venetian tradition and culture are tangible.


glass and silver bustier by Antonio dei Rossi

The jewelry, designed and produced by Antonio, the latest master glassmaker in the historical art of figurative murrina, mount precisely these precious masterpieces and become testimony and historical recovery of the glassmaking tradition and culture, as well as being works of jewelry that recall architecture, history and nature in the Venetian vein.


The clothes created by Luca marry the culture and Venetian emotions. Unique works modelled with the moulage technique, silks moulded to the shapes of the body, sculptures where the leitmotiv is water. The ripples the reflections and the waves that embrace Venice. Examples of high craftsmanship entirely sewn by hand. 


The project, of collaboration and creation of images, is intended to be purely artistic, free from commercial or advertising and exclusively documentary or for artists: repertoire of images for works that may be used for exhibitions and artistic performances artistic performances, for possible dissemination in the media, emphasising, as mentioned, the spirit of preserving and safeguarding the craft tradition and the exaltation of 'Venetian-ness'. 




Formal and conceptual fluidity in the works of Luca Giannola and Antonio dei Rossi, fashion and jewelry designers respectively; exceptionally together, juxtaposed for a unique and complementary work of art capable of being framed by the Venetian reality that lives on water.


A presentation of sculpture dresses and jewelry set in the private Venice of a historical residence, Palazzo Gradenigo - the piano nobile, the courtyard with the "vera da pozzo" or the water gate - but also the tourist chaos of the motorboat in the water traffic of the Grand Canal in a vital area in front of the railway station where the modernity of the last bridge over the "canaeasso" brings back a synchronic Venetian reality. Historic Venice, Venice that lives.


But plurality allows movement, the interpretative facet of the vital element: hence the title of the project, 'D'Acque'. D'acque is also verbal assonance of a remote past, a neologism that could boast of history.


Luca's interpretation is fluid, soft and reflective; with the construction of the moulage garments he shapes the surface of the silk, moulds it on the body with a technical ritual of folds that caress the feminine volumes of the breasts, the hips. 

The mirror of water is smooth, rippled by the wind or breaks on the shore, creates swirls and waves calms and then resumes in the asymmetry of fluidity.


Overlays of transparent organza, veils of light blue and blue tones. Shiny, precious shantung that becomes opulent in the volutes of the dress that finds a natural space among the stuccoes of the piano nobile of the Palazzo or the volutes of a Rezzonico chandelier.

The reflection in the creation, the time that stands still in Venice, in the imagination, is expressed by these dresses that methodically emphasise the detail because every fold is meditated upon, revised, corrected, to the point of tracing the thought that produced it. Entirely hand-sewn, they want to exalt the craftsmanship of tradition and the preciousness of the workmanship.

Sumptuous dresses, hints of train that like water improvise the fall not necessarily on the back and trousers with a dry line break the wave that grows in the bust and in the sleeve.


The forms of water are many and it is on this that Antonio relies for his jewelry. Water is where Venice rests, solid fluidity of an element that gives life. Indispensable to exist: so the civilisation made of men who built the city, history, but also nature, flowers and animals. The interpretation is therefore very broad in jewelry characterised by the inclusion of murrina in it.


The figurative murrina, specificity of the Venetian glassmaking tradition of which Antonio is the last remaining master. Hidden art niches of true and historical Venice.

But Antonio is also a designer and plays at making his glass miniatures wearable through jewelry.

The jewelry on offer is all earrings. The 'biforas' of the Doge's palace - architectures that mount the four-lobed frieze in murrina - rise from the clothes/flashes - 

But water cascades fluidly, rivulets of gold are the articulated stems of the 'flore' earring, formal descent, vital ascent. 

Fluid are the silver links of the 'fuchsia' earrings asymmetrical gushes or sprouts.

The "peacock feather", also an asymmetrical choice - a classic oval with a whole peacock balances it is a formal synthesis, articulated, alluding to a fishbone, a macabre representation of a worn-out Venice, because from a bird's eye view Venice is a fish.


In D'Aque there are also two other wearable creations by Antonio: the first is a glass and silver bustier with phytomorphic sinuosities (which was part of a collection of glass dresses in 2000) but revived, brought up to date in the improvised moulage of the skirt part, an organza bandage joining the legs, a spiral that dissolves into a long train that floats, twisting in invisible sea currents.

A new mermaid rises from the water and sits on the water's edge. The tips are dangerous spikes for approaching but sinuous and sensual in the crystal transparencies. 



Antonio dei Rossi

Venetian, master glassmaker who preserves the technique of figurative murrina with cold composition, present at the Glass Museum in the historical collection of murrine and recognised as the last master of this noble art.

European excellence for high Venetian craftsmanship.

Antonio is a designer of clothes, jewelry and furnishing objects, and is a multifaceted artist who boasts numerous international exhibitions (especially in the city of Venice) and prestigious collaborations in the world of Art and Fashion.


The Dream Team at work

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