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Ophelia is the jewellery designer's new collection, as the jewellery takes shape as one with the clothes, and one depends on the other.

The line is composed of sheer and light dresses, flowers are often placed on the skin to create garments that envelop the body, even the matching jewellery has a bucolic and floral feel and at the same time expresses the character's serene awareness and decision-making strength.

In the love plot in which Ophelia is involved, her character appears in two distinct phases: the first carefree and in love, the second on the brink of madness because of Hamlet's rejection. The collection is divided into two phases: a delicate, veiled first phase and a second phase in which the clothes become more structured, the jackets are transformed into a complex weave of flowers and the accessories are articulated, reinforcing the personality of the garment.




CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportlanet 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportlanet 2023.jpeg
CHEMI AKUTAMI alwaysupportalent 2023.jpeg
4 David Sirota.JPG

DAVID SIROTA the designer:

"I am from a small town in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am a 21 -year-old artist and fashion designer from. I am immensely inspired by daily scenery and the people around me. I really desire to create enigmas within my designs. I am currently finishing my final semester at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art History

and Entrepreneurship. My dream? Is to become a world-renowned fashion designer. 

Having recently attended Parsons School of Design in Paris following summer courses in the Business of Fashion and The Fashion Design Process, I birthed the Artist’s Collection. Deeply inspired by courtiers such as Azzedine Alaïa and Hubert de Givenchy, as well as visual artist, I mix fashion and art in these pieces. I fuse together hand paint and various textiles such as faux fur and muslin within the collection. Artwear is my new creative direction. You can see influences of Picasso and Chagall as well".

5 Federico Frison.JPG

FEDERICO FRISON the designer:

"I was born in Bologna (Italy) surrounded by fashion, learning this form of art from his family and mentors, choosing the most beautiful details of their creations and reinterpreting them according to his talent and aesthetic taste. Following his grandfather’s footsteps, Federico approached the world of footwear at a very young age, acquiring techniques and tricks of the work that it’s hard to find in school sometimes. 

He is the Designer and Creative Director of his own company FRSN, Federico's strength is his ability to combine his creative taste with a technical-economic vision, thus allowing him a wide-ranging view of all the stages of production of his shoes.

FRSN is a Made in Italy luxury footwear brand. The shoes are designed and intended for anyone, regardless of gender (female, male, queer).

The product is elegant and timeless, anyone can wear them, whenever they want. FRSN shoes are a tribute to beauty. Not only tradition and craftsmanship: these shoes are innovative, filled with a young and sophisticated creativity. The study and attention to detail make these shoes products of the highest fashion. Their unmistakable style makes these shoes much more than a simple accessory: they are the main element around the person’s total look.

The brand's distinguishing element is the Pulse heel-layer, a sphere-shaped red heel-layer, that is the first and only one of its kind, never made before and registered as a community design.

The fil rouge behind the brand is sustainability: the desire to make footwear with eco-friendly materials and limit the use of harmful materials. 

The skills and innovative spirit that lead Federico Frison to develop a luxury fashion brand are not only embodied in the originality of the models but also in the construction process, meaning that the shoes that he designs are characterized by an unconventional use of peculiar materials. 

6 Kharm design.JPG

Khàrm design, founded in 2016 by Carmela Barbato, designer, goldsmith and scholar, is a research brand on contemporary jewelery that focuses on the interdisciplinary relationship between digital design and production processes and traditional goldsmith workmanship, in a design-oriented perspective .

The design culture investigates the relationship between form and function in relation to material lightness, spatial development and the body as a degree "0".

From plexiglass to semi-precious stones, from cameos to leather scraps, the materials used follow an eco-sustainable design and production process, including the high-precision laser cutting technology, which allows you to obtain very light finished objects, with significant energy savings, of emissions, time and use of raw materials. The integration of this methodology with manual finishing and goldsmithing makes the jewels contemporary: capsules in limited series or unique design pieces are the expression of the contaminated and fluid collaboration between machine and man.

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7 Luca Giannola.JPG


The capsule was born from an in-depth study of several fibres combined in the same fabric, such as linen, cotton and silk for example.

The idea is that of the transformation of the garment over time: the motif of the pleating and the rock effect of the bodices are always at the base, but the natural fibre of which they are mostly composed will, over time, modify part of the workmanship, which will deliberately recreate a garment that is still sculptural but with a different look, studied beforehand to remain attractive and impressive! The colour palette becomes essential in the range of whites: from the whitest, to ivory and cream, to evoke the white marble and pale stone surfaces of neo-classical sculptures.

Which, with the passage of time, round off the edges and smooth out the corners, changing their appearance.

"What has always fascinated me is retracing the fashion of every era, transforming its sartorial elements and lines into clothes that as if by magic become timeless, and always fashionable. Not just reinterpreting,  but collecting shapes, colours and fabrics and merging them with my being. Each creation tells my story. And each garment is no longer just a garment. My story is linked to the places and people who inspired it. The workshop of my aunts, who were milliners in Benevento (Italy) and stylists as early as the 1930s for ladies' hats, is the place where I grew up and got to know elegance and refinement. Here I knew how to answer the question usually asked to children: what do you want to be when you grow up? The answer has not changed over the years.

In Milan, I studied fashion design and began my journey in the fashion world. First as an assistant stylist and then coordinating three fashion creation centres and designing for several stylists at the same time. But it was in Bologna that my style took shape. Collaborating with a strong, eclectic character, a singer and songwriter, well known as a couturier for wedding dresses, the first 'moulage' works were born. The dress, created and modelled directly on the model's body, becomes a sculpted garment. The student sculptor, who had been dormant since art school and had been crushed by the rhythms and frenzy of Milan, was reawakened. The clothes sculpted on mannequins, sometimes prepared with padding to recreate the customers' measurements, become 'prêt à couture' garments, where quality is central and the rhythm is that of artistic and artisanal creation.

I am a bit of a designer, a bit of a sculptor, a bit of a creator, a bit of a modeller and a bit of a craftsman. I feel free to create what gratifies me."


Maiko a Fashion brand from Monaco is the

ultimate fashion accessory. Both rock and chic. What makes it special? A raw material with character: Luxury Leather. Inimitable texture and timeless pattern for a remarkable look. The plus? Limited pieces to make you feel unique. Accessories that you won't find elsewhere. The ideal piece to stand out.

Maïko is an accessory, but not just any accessory. It's the bag that enhances your figure, the laptop that accompanies you in your daily work life, the clutch bag that completes your evening look, the belt that shows off your favourite jeans, the wallet that you're proud to take out when it's time to pay the bill.

Maïko is a story of travel, crafts and encounters. It is above all the story of Valérie Cohen, a globe-trotter, entrepreneur and businesswoman. After a career in luxury goods, between France and Africa, she decided to launch a project that was close to her heart. The idea of setting up her own brand quickly took hold.

Why Maïko? During her travels, she likes to immerse herself in the culture and crafts of the country. It was during a trip to Bali that Maïko's story began. While strolling through the Balinese streets, she pushed open the door of a family workshop specialising in luxury leather. It was love at first sight. It was a decisive meeting, since it was with him, among others, that she developed the brand and the Maïko adventure began in 2019.`  



"The selection I am presenting is inspired by Parisian haute couture. Two jewellery capsules in silver and gold enriched with precious stones, with a captivating designer, imaginatively structured and minimalist at the same time, creations skilfully made by Neapolitan master goldsmiths, jewellery that is different in its uniqueness.

Just like the wonderful contradictions of being a woman', which is Meaornamenta's philosophy."

Meaornamenta it's 100% handmade manufacture. Skillful Neapolitan masters jealously guard the arts of jewelry and cameos and precious stones engraving. 

Winter On the Côte d'Azur 8.jpg.jpg
Winter On the Côte d'Azur 4.jpg.jpg

The name “Nobahar” comes from a Persian background with the meaning of “New Spring” that symbolizes new beginnings or a rebirth. Nobahar Design Milano is founded on the same idea and the philosophy of giving birth to new ideas. Every design has a concept, and the pieces are crafted in a way that embodies the same notion. Nobahar Design Milano creates unconventional and thoughtful contemporary jewelry and design pieces. It combines innovation and tradition and is based on the idea of mix and match.

Nobahar Design Milano tells the story of traditional and modern values coming together from living in Italy and Iran. Nobahar Design Milano also applies sustainability in different steps. From its design, production until its distribution process, sustainability has been a priority. It creates waste-free pieces, with energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Most of the production is “made-to-order” with the most innovative technologies. It also combines additive manufacturing techniques with manual and traditional production methods.
The coloration process is by using natural dyes or ecological acrylic colors. This manual process makes each of the design pieces unique and personalized. So, it is possible to get the exact shades only if dyed together. The same philosophy applies to the packaging, and it is made with recyclable materials, all made in Italy.

8 Syetvie.JPG

"Uniquely handcrafted bags, inspired by nature. We started in 2014 with many ideas and a compelling purpose: to reconnect with nature.

The beauty of nature is captivating, it inspires us. We use ancient techniques of craftsmanship to recreate it, always with a modern, colorful eye and a taste of our Brazilian spirit.

Here are some of our techniques: Woodcarving ,Wood inlay, Assemblage.

At the head of this brand is Sylvie Quartara, artisan extraordinaire, has more than 20 years experience producing home and fashion accessories both in Brazil and the main fashion centers of the world, like Milan, London and Paris."

She signs all her creations as Sy&Vie, based on her passion for the ancestral heritage techniques and nature´s timeless inspiration. Her first bags were made of wood inlay in 2014, an unrivaled technique in Brazil at the time. In 2018 she was ready to take a step further through her signature technique coined “Assemblage”,working with forgotten fragments of nature. This innovative technique took more than one year to develop and prime, once again offering a new perspective in fashion.

Nowadays Sylvie adds bits of her own story to each of her creations and dedicates herself to delivering what her bags always compel us to do: to carry the beauty of nature with us always.

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