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WHY NOT - is the first capsule anticipating the entire collection of clothes and accessories by Alessandra Aiardo Design. 

The line is based on contrast and at the same time on the integration of elements.  Clothes and jewellery come together to give a new vision that starts from classical origins and enters the contemporary renewed. 

Brooches, mini clutches and jewel belts are the must-haves of the collection.  Black&white, silk to cotton; a collection that sees a new way of interpreting style starting from what is most classic: the shirt Another must-have of the line.

Simplicity becomes sophisticated, eclectic and personal.

" You can remain unique simply by reinterpreting yourself!"




It is with the creations of the "ILLUMINATED" collection that the milliner from Nice (France), Charlotte Boyer, will present her universe for a new time on the Italian catwalks. 
Through the choice of fabric, ranging from straw to more modern fabrics, Charlotte shows that nothing is frozen in time, and that a shape, however classic, can be beautifully modernised. 
By mixing brilliance and sobriety, which at first glance do not seem to go hand in hand, the artist's chef covers are unique and fearless pieces... Brilliant!


Artist and designer from Japan . His vocation is to dress the new generations with a new reinterpreted version of the traditional Japanese kimono.

His new collection AKITSU KIMONO , between the asymmetric line and street style in  cooperation with the  brand PUNK DRUNKERS.


Handcrafted in Italy and all designs are created in Switzerland. The designer's new collection is an expression of esteem and admiration for a style icon like Jacky O, such as none ever!
From cuts to geometric shapes, colors and style are clear references to the 1960s, as a modern tribute to women who have made and will make history in fashion and in life, such as Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis.


Born in April 2019 from a dream fragrant of

memories.Philomena Sarti , our muse grown up in the 50es, placed at the centre of her life the

passion for the precious fabrics , for tradition

and craftsmanship in creating luxury articles

of clothing Made in Italy.

The new Sarti generation comes with a women’s team, feeling the need, through the passion for beauty and harmony of forms, of offering a luxury bijoux as a sort of jewel for “shoulders”.

"Philomena Sarti ,my grandmother's name, experienced tailor, muse of this brand, is today represented by a totally female creative team, tailors, designers developing the on-going Epaule 6419 collection "

épaule - Le Mani Sapienti by Marta Formentello _itsmartaeffe-2517.jpg
Epaule - Le Mani Sapienti by Marta Formentello _itsmartaeffe-1984.jpg

credits Venezia da Vivere


by Luca Giannola  the Master of Plisse and Moulage. 

The new capsule collection once again takes up the game of pleats by traveling through history.

The protagonist is the fascinating ART DECO' period, in particular the element of the shell.

Just as at the time when this calcareous protective shell was represented in all its facets, lines and colours in ceramic objects, brooches, jewellery, etc., the capsule collection also takes its cue, representing the same play of shapes, sometimes oval, sometimes round or with right-angled lines and folds, using fabrics such as sustained taffeta, heavyweight satins and sagging, luminous velvets. The link between history and current fashion, also this time seeks to merge with balance and elegance.

The small production workshop is located in the sunny, warm Marrakech/Morocco.

The trendy bags are available in different models, materials and sizes​. On her trips to Marrakech, she discovered the variety of handicrafts that are of very good quality. She visit her manufactory several times a year to discuss her ideas for designs, materials and colors to turn them into bags. In this small artisan workshop, each product is handcrafted by a small number of local seamstresses.

All bags in her collection are made from different fabrics: Used jeans are disassembled and then processed into a bag. Each model gets its own look.​  Coffee bags/Jute are also processed into unique pieces, depending on the print and colour​ Seasonlly she also offer models made of terry cloth, cotton or valor in many fashionable colors.​ 

The warehouse and sales Location is in Zurich/ Switzerland

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The star of Antonella Stanzione's new  collection is Mother-of-Pearl, a natural element that is often re-proposed by Meaornamenta.

The play of colours of natural stones such as onyx, malachite, amethysts and pink opals contrasts with the ivory sheen of this precious natural element used in different forms. Combined with silver and gold, these jewels are suitable for both young and mature women.


N.5 (4).jpg

PENOMBRE Nobahar Design’s new collection creates unconventional and thoughtful contemporary jewelry and design pieces. It combines innovation and tradition and is based on the idea of mix and match..
"I created PENOMBRE collection to remind myself that If I really want inner peace and 
freedom I need to accept my integrated existence. Accept my light and darkness together. Because this is what creates ME.

PENOMBRE comes from a moment of stillness, while I was waiting outside a building staring at the different shadows created by peoples, animals, stairways and objects. 
I want this collection to be a reminder, in a fun way, to all of us that we are both valuable and worthless, we are both ugly and beautiful, we are both lazy and vivacious. When we believe that we can only be this or that, then our inner conflict will continue, because then we just want to have "right and good" qualities. But if we accept all the features of existence, we will realize that each of our characteristics is instructive to us. As Jung is often quoted saying: “The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed”


LIGHTis the name that the designer has chosen for the autumn/winter 22 collection.

During a particularly happy period in her life, she made some super bright jewellery in which she added lots of colourful rhinestones to the combination of regenerated leather and silver. Each piece, completely handmade, was created with the idea of diffusing light and power, so the choice of colours could not exclude gold and silver surrounded by many small stones. The prerogatives of her jewellery are lightness and sinuosity, for a practical woman who certainly does not want to go unnoticed.



@ph Francesco Lembo


Sylvie Quartara, artisan extraordinaire, has more than 20 years experience producing home and fashion accessories both in Brazil Milan, London & Paris. She signs all her creations as

Sy&Vie, based on her passion for the ancestral heritage techniques and nature´s timeless inspiration. Her first bags were made of wood inlay in 2014, an unrivaled technique in Brazil at the time. In 2018 she was ready to take a step further through her signature technique coined “Assemblage”,working with forgotten fragments of nature. This innovative technique took more than one year to develop and prime, once again offering a new perspective in fashion.

"We started in 2014 with many ideas and a compelling purpose: to reconnect with nature.

The beauty of nature is captivating, it inspires us. We use ancient techniques of craftsmanship to recreate it, always with a modern, colourful eye and a taste of our Brazilian spirit.

"For us, each bag is a sculpture, like a delicate fresco. We craft, carve and shape each one by hand . We think of the most subtle details . We design each drawing, each sensation . We bring to life intricate pieces of art with resounding stories.


September 25th at 6:30pm
at Chiostri di San Barnaba Milano