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AST Fashion Designers

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Alessandra Aiardo
DS Luxury & Fit

Elio Illiano
Irà Salles 
Luca Giannola

Mariella B.Green


Myriam Besri
Rosalinda Gioielli 




The new collection for Paris Fashion Week 2024 is called DECOALCHEMY : 

Clearly inspired by deco design, the jewellery and dresses capsule presents a series of 18kt gold and silver jewelry combined with black velvet and lycra dresses. 

The inspiration stems from a broader concept: moving from Klimtian painting to the linear architecture of Art Deco and the floral and sinuous architecture of Art Nouveau. 

Focusing on the design of the jewel and its stylistic and functional versatility, I created a fusion of lines, fabrics and cuts in which the jewel dresses the dress.

4 DS.jpeg


By Donatella Storto:

“The collection was born from the idea of merging sport and fashion, my two passions, to become a sporty brand that does not give up comfort and versatility and a touch of glamour.

A whirlwind of ideas took shape on paper and from paper became a real outfit. Practising sport myself, particularly body-building, has allowed me to be more determined to show that you can be feminine even in gym clothes. This is how 'Polys Hedra' was born, a woman who plays the role of: femme fatale, mother, career woman, artist. So many faces of the same person... complex, versatile, eclectic, multifaceted.

The garments I have designed are made of high quality materials, especially Lycra, which is the thread running through the entire line and allows freedom of movement while at the same time enhancing the shape of your body. The collection features Ins leggings, tops, jackets and shorts so you can have a multi-faceted outfit to go from the gym to everyday life.”

DS Luxury & Fit" versatility and comfort.

2 Elio.JPG


"D(i)N(am)MICA" the new capsule collection 2024 by Elio Illiano. 

The collection is inspired by an enterprising woman who dynamically walks the streets of the city. A woman not alienated from life but always and in any case a protagonist. 

The collection urges us not to see ourselves as mere spectators of everything around us but to move with it. The totem garment of the Neapolitan designer's collection is the top in sequins and typical sartorial embroidery, recalling the play of light of his beautiful city: Naples.



Ira Salles’s workmanship is of the finest quality, passionately made by skilled workers using selected materials that create goods that are exclusive, decadent and one of a kind.

The team is focused on the process of giving the best to its clients, the thought, the detail and the births of the design into being.

Irá Salles is one of the major Brazilian brands ,that reflects the soul, mixing a lot of colors and handmade techniques that brings a unique vibe of the Brazilian woman.

The bags reflect a fresh approach to women’s accessories. Each bag is individually hand crafted by Brazilian artisans, helping to develop a community with sustainable materials. The ethos is functional with fun and sexy twist.



Sculpture Collection IX - PARIS FASHION WEEK 2024

An anthology could be defined as Luca Giannola's capsule for PFW24.

His now famous sculptural workings: rock-effect embossing, pleats worked through modeling or overlapping like large silk flakes on impalpable chiffon or precious shantung, are re-proposed to emphasize the stylistic and creative signature of the fashion designer who, despite using the citation of some of his cornerstones, is always absolutely innovative. He works on proportions and details, perfect balances of high fashion and absolute wearability.

Sinuous and sensual paths between macro and micro sculptures, stylish details in skillful tailoring combined with meticulous manipulation of materials.

Flared midi skirts, palazzo trousers, garments that highlight the silhouette and finally sheath dresses with precious and painstaking manual workmanship echo the 1950s, recalling the divines of the cinema. Poetry in the black and white memory of refined showrooms.

The 1950s is still the allusion, interpretable in concrete art, where the "shape-colour games exalt rhythm and formal interactions" in the use of material, of pleating moulded to create surfaces where light and shadow alternate. Natural colors cream, rope, sage and the ever-present black determine the palette of this refined collection.


February 2024

Luca 4.heic
Luca 3.heic


Antonella Stanzione the designer of Meaornamenta jewellery:

The collection I am presenting this year at ParisFW2024 is called UNIQUE.

It is a collection dedicated to a woman whose elegance becomes as unique as the jewellery she wears.

Made entirely of precious and semi-precious stones, UNIQUE is the intersection of the colour nuances of the same stones that take shape on the body that wears them.




OUR STORY : This is the story of a professional challenge made of love for the sea and social commitment.
The brand Mariella B. Green was born from a turning point in her founder’s life in response to a need for change, transformation and empowerment.
We want to represent bodies in their truth, helping them to live in their best light: our brand, through a choral tale, helps women rediscover their own selves, telling a story of small and big revolutions and speaking to women who have had the courage to change.

Mariella has designed her costumes for herself. She designed them to enhance the transformations of her own body, conceived them to embellish each shape over time.
The change is woven into every single garment, from the raw material to the stories of those who make them entirely by hand.
The shaping design of the costumes embraces the transformations of bodies with the sole aim of enhancing them. The adoption of materials transformed and reinvented in functionality and use.
Recycling as a sign of genuine love for the sea, the choice of fabrics obtained from the recovery of ghost fishing nets and other discarded materials.
A concrete commitment at all stages of production and in every detail. 
Mariella invests in the territory and promotes social change, helping women to rewrite their history on a daily basis, stitch by stitch. Literally.

OUR PHILOSOPHY : Can you make a revolution with just a few cm2 of fabric? We believe so. Because we believe in the value of ethical and sustainable fashion, favoring quality over quantity, choosing recycled and recyclable raw materials, taking care of all production phases, respecting the environment, but also people’s work, enhancing traditions and hand finishing art.
Because we believe in the value of beauty which does not depend on size, which has man
y forms and personalities and deserves to be always discovered, at the beach and in every occasion.



Missconturbante presents LaIsla! 

A capsule collection of fascinating turbans.

" If this collection were a person I imagine her with intense colour in her eyes and warmth on her skin, mysterious and welcoming, seductive and repelling, festive and smiling. 

Dedicated to a personality with many souls. Just as the island has the flavour of possibility, so 'la Isla' is the secret promise that anything can happen."



Meet Myriam Besri, the talented creator and visionary behind the MimiB brand. Driven by an unwavering passion for craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability, Myriam has built a reputation in the world of personalized handbags with a pop art style. As a skilled painter specialized in pop art, she breathes life into her creations, drawing inspiration from her own colorful and bold paintings as well.

In this section, we invite you to learn more about the woman behind the brand and her passion for transforming beloved bags into unique pieces of art that also reflect the captivating aesthetic of her pop art paintings.

YOUTH AND INSPIRATION : Myriam Besri's love for fashion took root from a young age, and she began her career as a model in the 1990s, collaborating with prominent fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Azzedine Alaïa, Dior, and La Perla.

This immersion in the fashion world sparked her interest in design, leading her to embark on a creative career in the field of fashion and decoration. Inspired by the world around her, her creations reflect her unique perspective and appreciation for the beauty of everyday life, while drawing from the colors and vibrant energy of pop art.

Multi Art Events/Gallery By Wendy Lauwers



The Neapolitan designer will present her new jewellery collection for Paris Fashion Week 2024 called: Colour Collection 


Colours and passion for contemporary art are the basis of Rosalinda's spring/summer24 jewellery collection. A fresh style with a strong visual impact characterised by an interplay of volumes, structures, overlapping shapes, colours and stones. A hymn to the happy and free woman.



Valdo or art in all its forms… art to contemplate, art to wear!

After working for the biggest luxury watchmaking & jewelry brands in France and Switzerland, the artist decided to put his creativity at the service of art. 

Multidisciplinary artist with unique and exclusive works; he works on volumes, plays with textures, colors and transforms the work into desire. Excellence is never an option in the work that Valdo offers, who also strives to always surprise and amaze. Through his passion, he has the art and the material to bring his works to life, becoming thus the vector of his emotions.

He will present a mini collection of hand-painted bags exclusively for Paris Fashion Week 2024 in the collective fashion show with alwaysupportalent.

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