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at MFW23

Alessandra Aiardo
Chiaki Shimizu
Chemi Akutami
David Sirota
DS Luxury & Fit
rà Salles 
Luca Giannola
Myriam Besri
Rosalinda Gioielli 


This collection features glitter suits and garments, accompanied by jewellery in unusual shapes and materials: Plexiglass associated with gold, leather associated with silk, diamonds incorporated in resins.
It is certainly the boldest line of all the collections singed Alessandra Aiardo, the most colourful and also the most unusual... but just as life often offers twists and turns, so the brand proposes one: the Sweet game collection.
If madness is a luxury for the few that always incorporates genius, so this collection is flashy, but never intrusive!
Dedicated to all the intrepid, strong and unconventional people who manage to turn their lives into a sweet game

Chemiu photo profile.jpeg

The irreverent designer and artist from Japan with fury, will present at Milan Fashion Week 23 his new collection of Kimonos revisited in a contemporary key that sees itself as a mirror of the new generation “X”.

He brings with him not only his immense art transformed into kimonos, obi like sculptures, overlapping fabrics and geometric shapes, but also a project that has been going on for a while now, a contest held in Tokyo that will see four winners, four girls representing Japan, who will walk the runway during his fashion show, with an exceptional testimonial, Mayumi, a famous Japanese fashion blogger. The artist wants to give a clear message of inclusion and non-stereotypical beauty. Women with energy, character and strong personality. In short, the women we like at alwaysupportalent ,those who stand out from the crowd and shine in their own light.

Chiaki photo profile.jpeg

Fashion Designer from Japan.

The theme of this Chiàki collection is 'The Memory of Journeys’.

After the pandemic, her collection expresses the excitement of being able to enjoy traveling again, using a variety of materials. 90% of the textiles in the collection are up-cycled. Ribbons, textiles and sample textiles that would have been discarded by textile companies were used to create patchwork looks. Indian ribbons and sari textiles are particularly accented. A new look at a different world and increasingly sustainable fashion

David photo profile.jpeg

Fashion designer from Chicago.

“For Milan Fashion Week , I will be showing the final pieces for my first-ever collection, The Artist’s Collection. As you can see hand-painted elements are a common theme amongst the garments. I decided to upcycle denim and create contemporary paint artwear pieces. I transformed these fabrics into new garments with new meanings and new life. For the other pieces, I continue to work with my favorite textiles such as sheer, lace, and velvet to evoke timeless elegance with Art Deco and Surrealist elements. The rose, a common symbol repeated throughout my collection, represents femininity in its truest form. A sense of blossoming, rebirth, and an unapologetic proclamation of one’s own femininity and divinity is inspired. My influences for the final pieces of The Artist’s Collection remain Dalí, Schiaparelli, and Picasso, but this time Frida Kahlo, Wassily Kandinsky, and Yves Saint Laurent as well.”

Snapseed (4).jpeg
Donatella pfoto profile.jpg

DS Luxury & Fit by Donatella Storto. 

“The collection was born from the idea of merging sport and fashion, my two passions, to become a sporty brand that does not give up comfort and versatility and a touch of glamour.

A whirlwind of ideas took shape on paper and from paper became a real outfit. Practising sport myself, particularly body-building, has allowed me to be more determined to show that you can be feminine even in gym clothes. 

This is how 'Polys Hedra' was born, a woman who plays the role of: femme fatale, mother, career woman, artist.

So many faces of the same person... complex, versatile, eclectic, multifaceted.

The garments I have designed are made of high quality materials, especially Lycra, which is the thread running through the entire line and allows freedom of movement while at the same time enhancing the shape of your body. 

The collection features Ins leggings, tops, jackets and shorts so you can have a multi-faceted outfit to go from the gym to everyday life.”

DS Luxury & Fit" versatility and comfort

Ira Salles Photo Profile .jpeg

Fashion Designer from Brazil .

Ira Salles’s workmanship is of the finest quality, passionately made by skilled workers using selected materials that create goods that are exclusive, decadent and one of a kind.

The team is focused on the process of giving the best to its clients, the thought, the detail and the births of the design into being.

Irá Salles is one of the major Brazilian brands ,that reflects the soul, mixing a lot of colors and handmade techniques that brings a unique vibe of the Brazilian woman.

The bags reflect a fresh approach to women’s accessories. Each bag is individually hand crafted by Brazilian artisans, helping to develop a community with sustentable materials. The ethos is functional with fun and sexy twist.

Luca foto profile.jpg

Fashion Designer from Naples, Italy.

The new capsule collection - Sculpture Collection 8 - by Luca Giannola.

Development and contrast between the usual fluidity of Art Nouveau allusion, forms that hover beyond geometry in an organic development and a path, formal and chronological, of a cooling process towards Deco rigour. The need then to frame the work in symmetry, but where sudden and calculated 'imperfections' create imperceptibly asymmetrical movements, we find the artist's stylistic signature. Fusions of multiple allusions and visual play. A vexatious mole in a perfect face.

Geometric two-dimensionality and plasticity of shapes given by pleats, a constant technique of the collection.

Rigid rays on bodices that coexist with soft fluidity in skirts and trousers. Optical vibrations in the overlapping of pleats in different fabrics: iridescent organza and impalpable chiffon or tulle. Fluidity that in the chromatic nuances of the overlays enhance the silhouettes of the bodies.

More Deco allusion in the use of sun pleats: fans that express rigour but emphasise femininity in framing the décolleté.

But the artist's hand returns to the asymmetry so dear to him in the blouses constructed in moulage, the fans deconstruct themselves by passing in an overlapping of waves to return to rigour in the lower part of the dress. Visual balance of the entire capsule, a result that expresses creativity, technique, tailoring but above all culture.


Meaornamenta photo profile.JPG

Fashion Designer from Naples, Italy.

Light Games Collection by Antonella Stanzione.

A jewelry collection born from the constant search for balance between the elements that compose it: a game of colors, elegance, purity, enclosed in a constant reference to the classic that embellishes them and, if on the one hand makes them truly unique, on the other makes them projects in the making that will reach their maximum expression only in the encounter with the woman who will wear them.

Myriam photo profile OK.jpg

Fashion Designer from Belgium, living in Dubai.

Meet Myriam Besri, the talented creator and visionary behind the MimiB brand. Driven by an unwavering passion for craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability, Myriam has built a reputation in the world of personalized handbags with a pop art style. As a skilled painter specialized in pop art, she breathes life into her creations, drawing inspiration from her own colorful and bold paintings as well.

In this section, we invite you to learn more about the woman behind the brand and her passion for transforming beloved bags into unique pieces of art that also reflect the captivating aesthetic of her pop art paintings.

Youth & Inspiration:

Myriam Besri's love for fashion took root from a young age, and she began her career as a model in the 1990s, collaborating with prominent fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Azzedine Alaïa, Dior, and La Perla.

This immersion in the fashion world sparked her interest in design, leading her to embark on a creative career in the field of fashion and decoration. Inspired by the world around her, her creations reflect her unique perspective and appreciation for the beauty of everyday life, while drawing from the colors and vibrant energy of pop art.

Through her dedication and hard work, the brand has developed a diverse range of products, including handbags, clothing, and accessories, each being a true expression of her unique artistic vision.


Multi Art Events/Gallery By Wendy Lauwers

Bag 1.JPG
Bag 4.jpg

Jewelry designer from Naples, Italy. 

The designer will show for the Milan Fashion Week her new collection "Rhinestones".

A minimalist combination that once again features coloured stones juxtaposed with scraps of light-coloured regenerated leather to give the idea of a precious yet contemporary and unconventional effect.

A magical mix inspired by romantic and happy women.

Priscila Idalgo.heic

Soleah founded by Priscila Idalgo, Soleah aims to bring contemporary women different possibilities to have originality and personality in their productions through a bag with authorial design and handmade.

With its own manufacture and 4 physical stores and an e-commerce, Soleah is the brand that guarantees the demanding woman and curator of her own style pieces with quality, unique design and exclusivity.

The Brand with focus on accessories for empowered women that value handmade, functional, elegant and exclusive design. Our name is inspired on a flamenco rhythm, called soleá.

Since march 2017 Soleah creates collections and believe in the power of collaboration. We see the diversity of styles and needs, that’s why we love to collaborate with amazing people and create new campaigns each year.

Besides collaborations, we create collections that translate the passion and the true DNA of the brand. Made in Brazil, with love

sylvie-quartara.jpg copia.png

Sylvie Quartara, artisan extraordinaire, has more than 20 years experience producing home and fashion accessories both in Brazil and the main fashion centers of the world, like Milan, London and Paris. She signs all her creations as Sy&Vie, based on her passion for the ancestral heritage techniques and nature timeless inspiration. Her first bags were made of wood inlay in 2014, an unrivaled technique in Brazil at the time. In 2018 she was ready to take a step further through her signature technique coined “Assemblage”,working with forgotten fragments of nature. This innovative technique took more than one year to develop and prime, once again offering a new perspective in fashion.

Nowadays Sylvie adds bits of her own story to each of her creations and dedicates herself to delivering what her bags always compel us to do: to carry the beauty of nature with us always.

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