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MyCity Tehran - Wide bracelets

Available Colors  : Yellow - Blue - Red  - Black - Grey


"My City"

I perfectly know what it means to be away from your own country and city. When
you live abroad, you always have the feeling of having left something behind. Living in a new place is beautiful and pleasant; you can choose your own way and how to follow it. You can experience the thrill of freedom and you can define new beginnings, full of curiosity and emotions. To get to this, however, there is a cost to pay:

You cannot be in two places at the same time.

For this reason, I decided to create the collection "My City", so that everyone can always bring a piece of their city with them.
"MY CITY" is like a capsule collection for Nobahar Design with different lines, each representing a city, with its nostalgia and its traditions.



The first line, "TEHRAN", is inspired by my city.
Today's Tehran is a metropolis, a vibrant, cosmopolitan and sometimes difficult city, a mix of ancient traditions and modern perspectives. The Milad multifunctional tower, also known as Tehran Tower, inspires the whole line. Located in the heart of the city, it is clearly visible from almost every angle.

"TEHRAN" consists of a series of rings and bracelets, built with additive manufacturing / 3D printing technology.

Artworks with 3DP jewelries demonstrate in summary the production process of rings and bracelets of this collection.

VAT excluded 

PS. the he price refers to the single piece

Shipping costs are included


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    All items are made to order and will be shipped 1 - 2 weeks of purchase.

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