F E L I X   Collection Limited Edition by the Designer Carmela Barbato

Anciently called Campania Felix, which literally means Campania Feconda, in its entire extension, has always been and still is one of the most opulent and fruitful regions of Italy. What makes the land so fertile, more than others, is not only the mild climate, but also the water of the Volturno and the presence of the Volcanoes, whose ashes have devastated but paradoxically given new life, fertilizing.

Perfect shape, structurally fragile and strong at the same time, the egg as well as being the symbol of fertility, brings with it many legends. First among many, the one linked to the Castel dell’Ovo located on the Caracciolo seafront. It is said, by the Latin poet Publio Virgilio Marone, that it arose on an egg placed in an iron cage built into a niche within its walls, capable, with the strength of its vertical axis, of supporting it. The prophecy announced that when the egg broke, the Neapolitan city would collapse.


OVID CHOKER necklace 

The tricolor, red, white and green. The reference to Italy, but a symbol of the whole world. Strength, energy, hope to be reborn with prosperity. Ovid Choker is the creative expression of a historical moment, which will remain in everyone's memory as, COVID19, of great change. Habits, everyday life, work, study: new ways to stay at home and not stop.


3 silver mirror plexiglass eggs, mint green natural Jade stones, red Agate stones and white bamboo coral.

Natural jade: the magnificent green of the stone communicates hope, serenity and peace. It is par excellence a symbol of love, happiness and prosperity.

Agate: an extremely fascinating and mysterious stone. Symbol of purity and protection. Its amber red and sometimes spotted with energy and passion.

Coral White bamboo, of vegetable origin, less precious than real but equally evocative coral. Symbol of transformation and regeneration


Made in Italy 100%

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Piece Unique  

KHARM DESIGN "Ovid Choker" Necklace