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Asymmetrical earrings with plexiglass base in silver mirror, surface and mobile elements in green and orange plexiglass, cut and engraved with laser cutting technology.

Hooks in metal gold filled 14k

Retaining the distinctive peculiarities of the explored jewel (ethnic earrings belonging to the Bijou Museum archive of Casalmaggiore).


GIO - SOTICI are designed as a sign of innovation and material lightness, of formal asymmetry: a colorful, crisp and fresh contemporary.

The imagery explored is Egypt, its exotic places, the natural colors, the green of the flora and the orange of the endless hot sunsets.

A sounding jewel. Joyful and playful, that tells of camels in the immensity of the desert, small and characteristic straw huts, majestic palms. Simplicity and the uncontaminated. The mystery, the thousand and one nights.

Silver becomes a mirror in which a new face is reflected, with the same soul.
The elements, like puzzle pieces, overlap in a play of colors and movement, I see and I don't see.

The limited edition earrings, designed in 2018 to REDEFINE THE JEWEL VII, won the SPECIAL LET’S FEEL GOOD MILAN AWARD.


Made in Italy 100%

Shipping costs excluded - HT


KHARM DESIGN - Gio-sotici Earrings

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