Pure white cotton with light blue stripes, black lace and polka dot tulle.

Size : M

Ed. 1.1

"DUSK , the cocktail dress that I carved out of a striped, traditional Neapolitan custom-made shirt, brings to mind the image of the female "avant-gardism".

It all began with a chantilly lace undergarment and black plumetis from which came the idea of the " nude look" , which I achieved through various overlapping and asymmetric cuts, like the collar of the shirt that acts as a strap, and various macramé lace layers that bring the dress even closer to the "undergarment" concept. Antique jewelry made of multi-sided black glass was used as buttons, adding a subtle but powerful decorative touch, as does the embroidery that is scattered across the dress. I tried to display the strength of the feminine character, as well as the masculin traits of the stripped shirt, through a symbiotic aesthetic union. More than anything, the dress was made to be a reflection of the musical tradition of the 30's, referring to female figures like Rosa Ria and Rina Ketty, superstars of the cabaret in those years,  and the likes of the diva Louise Brooks, a skilled interpret of the tastes and trends of the time. "


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