S A T I S F A S H I ON  R O M A    

JULY 15th from 6PM at Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome.
15  Designers from ALWAYSUPPORTALENT's Fashion Crew will present them 
NEW COLLECTIONS  on the collective Runway.


INVITATION satisfashion Roma 2021 alwaysupportalent Fashion Show


“ I created a capsule collection entirely based on the theme of gold for #satisfashionroma.

The line will be presented together with the clothes created by Raffaele Zenga.

The synergy was instant and productive: we opted for a disruptive, strong and provocative style. The  jewels go perfectly with the brass dresses and corsets. My inspiration comes from the design of the iconic Elsa Schiaparelli. “ 




Visiting old, learn new.「温故知新」"

Akitsu Kimono by the Artist and Fashion Designer from Japan Chemi Akutami it’s a Fusion of "obi" of 100 years ago and eco- eather

A unusual mix of the fashion items belonging  to the ancestral and precious Japanese past and the modern and contemporary things of the present.

A reinterpretation so Avantgarde and so Cool! 

AKITSU KIMONO chemi Akutami.jpg


A new and unique product completely natural!


The project “Eleonora Riccio – Fashion, Ethics and Glamour” derives from the innate  passion towards fashion, art and color of Eleonora Riccio. Eleonora is a fashion designer with several years of experience in the luxury industry, including both clothing and accessories. She got a honors master’s degree with a dissertation on the role of the color in the art history and fashion, from the very beginning to the present day.


The high-quality production is directed to satisfy people wishing to wear fancy, valuable and environmentally friendly clothes. Our products are all made with certified woven fabrics and yarns dyed with all-natural pigments extracted from flowers, plants, roots and berries.


The prestigious collection is the result of the traditional natural dyeing techniques handed down through the centuries revised by a dedicate study and processing of over a hundred recipes.  All the treatments are strictly “green” and the colors have absolutely nothing to do with the toxic and polluting  synthetic dyes, often causes of allergies and irritations, typically used by textile industries.


All the products, neckerchiefs, scarves and clothing sets, derive from very extensive researches holding in high value the respect for the nature and environmentally-sustainable processes. The collections are awarded by both national and international certifications proving their healthy production pathway.


This is a full Made in Italy project, dedicated to everyone looking for unique and high-quality cloths and feeling to be a part of a world  that preserves the nature and beauty we have inherited. 



Melancholia perpetuum mobile of a becoming woman.


The assortments of colors and contrasts, dresses surrounded by the sweetness of a reborn nature and the style of a woman who becomes every spring, are the contribution of Elio Illiano fashion designer to the advent of the spring season 2021.w

The dresses conceived by the fashion designer Illiano prefer silk and organza, brocade but also tulle and lace, a portrait of a feminine spring suspended between the new romantic but without giving up the strongest identity traits such as lingerie that bursts from transparencies.


The elaborate project explores the archetypal symbolism, the white rabbit, the key, the garden of rebirth and the fountain, to outline the features of a woman who comes from an origin and becomes a daughter and a creature of nature.


An infinite variety of possible interpretations in the fresh and sunny and at the same time intimate and courageous look imagined by Elio Illiano who, in the visual rendering of the talented photographer Francesco Lembo, takes on all the characteristics of an interesting catwalk that will take place in Rome at the event SATISFASHION in the collective fashion show with alwaysupportalent.

At the center of the Melancholia catwalk, women remain, the beauty of personalities that becomes an opportunity for reflection on how to decline femininity without stereotypes or clichés.



                                                              Text by Emiliana Chiarolanza

ELIO ILLIANO ph. Francesco Lembo..jpg



FALU'JEWELS brand was born in 2016 from a great passion for fashion accessories in particular for jewelry.

Simona Cuccini, the creator, is a Neapolitan artisan, worker with many ideas and many dreams, a degree in Economics and Commerce, creative, passionate and mother of two girls, her greatest source of inspiration. FALU 'brand stands for Fabrizia and Ludovica, their names.

FALU 'JEWELS brand is young and dynamic always in step with the trends of the moment. All creations are made with quality materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, Florentine resins and other materials all exclusively made in Italy. A mix of style and originality but also practical, perfect for any occasion.



Sculpture Collection Part 2 ”.

Strength and lightness come together in the silhouettes made of technical organza, silk shantung and taffeta '.

The circular shapes of the pleats, from black to the lunar and iridescent colors, allude to planets and satellites of an immense sky, as if to reconnect with the most ancient of dimensions, majestic, consistent, but light as clouds.

“ My story is linked to the places and people who inspired it. “ 



Els Demeersman is an independent, fashion-conscious woman. Having worked for several years in northern Italy, her passion for Italian products and fashion has gone from strength to strength.


She devoted all of her time to major well-known Italian fashion brands - from haute couture to handbags, from shoes to jewelry.


This is how the idea of ​​designing handbags came about and the MarosEtti brand was born and named. The bags are aimed at independent and self-reliant women with an eye for fashion and durable materials. They are classic with an occasional romantic touch. In addition, the bags are crafted piece by piece of premium Italian soft leather. All metal accessories are designed by Els and manufactured in family businesses. The exclusive bags are made from organic Italian leather. An intense and fascinating collection, embellished with a modern contemporary touch.

Caring for sustainable products is not only in fashion, thanks to MarosEtti, it's now fashionable.




Neapolitan goldsmith craftsmanship and 20th century art intertwine in precious and natural materials, giving life to unique and unmistakable jewels.

Meaornamenta, a world that expresses the encounter between precious metals and shells, between works of art of unmistakable beauty and skilled Italian goldsmith masters, where jewels are created unique for demanding customers.


Meaornamenta, presents the "Art Bronzes" collection

There are various necklaces with bronze sides depicting works of art from Botero to Magritte.

The stones used for these jewels are coral, natural turquoise, amethysts, peridots and natural topazes.

Jewelry entirely handmade with skillful craftsmanship by Neapolitan goldsmith masters, which well represent Italian craftsmanship.Gold, silver and bronze enrich the creations of this brand that has creativity and love for the art.

MEAORNAMENTA ph. Thierry Torres .jpg



“ NUDA is the new Missconturbante's mini collection made for alwaysupportalent's collective fashion show at SATISFASHION ROMA event, is an introduction to summer 2022.

We remain faithful to our idea of ​​a one-piece swimsuit, elegant and refined.

But  NUDA collection celebrates diversity and inclusiveness through the most iconic model of our brand revisited in 4 nude shades and characterized by the inevitable leather decoration.

The costume we propose does not dress the silhouette, but continues to undress it.

It vanishes like magic, creating the illusion of a mosaic directly on the body. “

Snapseed 2 copia.jpg
MISSCONTURBANTE inspiration 2.jpg
Snapseed 5.jpg



Feelosophically was born in 2016 from the hands of Pamella Barroso, a designer of Brazilian origin who has lived in Italy for almost ten years.

The distinctive feature of Feelosophically arises from this idea of uniqueness: an internal pocket that can be customized with phrases, drawings, thoughts. This is to remind us that there is no more dazzling beauty than that created especially for us.

About the collection : Love stories 

Feelosophically wants to talk about this tale through the runway of Rome.

Minimal, full of stories and with a bit of sensuality. These are the adjective that I leave to intrigue and inspire you.




Jewels designed  for the woman who loves to capture attention and add a touch of originality to any look, the new Rosalinda Gioielli spring / summer 2022 collection is a hymn to contrasts, liveliness and shapes.

Luxurious line and basic line, both characterized by the combination of fabric and precious metals: in the first the use of silver or gold prevails, in the second there is ample space for the use of regenerated leather.

A collection that strikes for the variety of colors, the particular asymmetries and a playful mix between vintage and new trends: orange, yellow, fuchsia, green, purple, blue and gold are the predominant colors that combine with both geometric and abstract shapes.




Santò Couture was created in 2019 by Antonio Buscè and Adriano Apicella. With a wealth of studies in styling, architecture and experiences in styling for advertising, they got involved. Into a creations of them brand.

Simple, almost geometric lines, extreme attention to detail that often makes a garment with an essential style unique, basically this is the character of Santò, which with its creations and the sense of color aims to reveal beauty and grace.

Unbuttoning a Santò jacket means discovering a fairytale and visionary world printed in the lining. Here, Santò's secret is in one word: to reveal. Not everything emerges at first glance and women who wish to attract and then be revealed can only choose Santò.



Jelena Mandic always was fascinated by glass.

As Miss Serbia and Montenegro at the 2005 she participated  in competition for Miss Universe contest and won a prestigious scholarship to master studies abroad.
In 2008 she finished with success a master’s degree at the famous CERAM International Business School in Sophia Antipolis, South of France, and with comparative studies in management and strategies in Tourism began the study of the glass.

Learning lamp-work technique she has begun to study with Claire Bangma her private tutor in France, and she continued with further improvements with the most eminent German, Dutch, Italian and American masters of glass.
The Lampwork technique is a type of glass work that uses a dual torch (gas and oxygen fueled) to melt rods of clear and colored Murano glass to create beads. Each bead is made on a mandrel which diameter defines the hole of the bead.
Once in a molten state, the bead is formed by turning the glass onto a mandrel and is shaped and decorated using different techniques.

Although this art form has been practiced since ancient Syrian times (1st century B.C., B.Dunham) it became widely practiced in Murano in Italy in the 14th/15th century and also in France.
Each UriJell piece is unique, the Murano glass has been melted around 900 degrees to become a individually hand decorated bead which distresses in the kiln slowly to room temperature before becoming part of a piece of unique jewelry.

Jelena finds her inspiration mostly in nature and therefore all her creations are so colorful.
The brand name Urijell was born adding the first letter J from the old Slavic name Jelena (meaning burning torch) to the name of Archangel Uriel (angel of flame and fire).With this in mind, Urijell brings light and happiness to everyone who carries it.

Journalist: Nevenka Stojcevic



Shoes designer and contemporary artist Raffaele Zenga will debut in Rome with his first capsule collection.

The collection 2022 challenges a strong, extremely modern woman who dares, in a time line where everything is taken for granted, she shows one side of her more introspective personality, the accessory is no longer just a decorative object but is an integral part of the collection, at the same time realist and conceptual, where the material takes shape and the metals blend with the fabrics. The collection reflects the essence of woman, her freedom of expression, art and technology ...  the diktat of this new era.

Raffaele Zenga ART..jpg
Raffaele Zenga art.jpg



Manuela Gómez is a fashion designer and photographerwho developed her career in Italy.

The artistic trait that characterize her it is probably something that she has inherited in her blood:  in her family in fact her mother is a painter, her father a photographer and architect, her grandmother an antique dealer, and her grandfather owned a prestigious boutique of precious fabrics. She was soon able to fulfil her dream of designing shoes and accessories that are all handcraft unique pieces, inspired by the baroque internal design and decoration of Italian palaces of the ‘700. The material she uses for her creations are as well richly decorated and of the most precious kind.

Her creations were defined in Italy by the fashion magazines as “Jewelry to wear for the feet”: unique pieces dedicate to unique women who understand and appreciate the exclusivity of a unique and tailor made piece, the quality of Italian handcraft tradition, and the elegance and authenticity of Manuela Gómez design.