" M O N A C O  and  F R I E N D S "  

the new Social Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle .

A friendly international Showcase in Monaco !


“Monaco and Friends” is a new online Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production.

A friendly international Showcase in Monaco hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with Luxury Lifestyle Influencer  Yulia Berisset.

With the participation in Episode 5 of Flavia Cannata, Fashion Huntress and Stylist, founder at AlwaySupporTalent.  

What's going on in Monaco is intriguing to a lot of people throughout the world. 
"Monaco and Friends" allows all the Fans to participate and live this exciting life.

In this small format Lorena welcomes Yulia in her office-living room in Monaco. As a surprise, a guest will join them. Their conversation will introduce in a natural way different topics belonging to each Episode.

The general tone is friendly and stimulating the interest of the audience. As well this is an ideal cross-linked online platform to showcase brands.

Moreover, Monaco represents since always an international and luxury venue, ideal place to promote all kind of brands.

This format is also useful in this particular moment where travels and live events are difficult. 

Note that “Monaco and Friends” is a twin Socials Show of “Cannes and Friends”.

In fact as the shining Monaco, Cannes and Côte d’Azur are international and glamorous places. Everyone in the world knows the Cannes Film Festival. International Star Lorena Baricalla will host “Cannes and Friends” with journalist Nina Velez-Troya, owner at Red Ivory Magazine, and Luxury Lifestyle Influencer  Yulia Berisset going around the major hotels, venues and shopping streets. For sure “Monaco and Friends” and “Cannes and Friends” will allow the Fans to discover all the secrets of the celebrity life.





Internationally recognized Lorena Baricalla is a multi-talented artist. She has performed in over 35 countries throughout the world, in theatre and television.

She is a Ballet Star and Choreographer, Singer and Actress as well as Author and Producer. 
Moreover she is a Master of Ceremonies for international events and Ambassadress/Endorser for fashion and luxury brands and international projects. This through shootings, the attendance as guest to international events and red carpets, or during PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production’s international events and showcases, as for example the Monaco World Sports Legends Award.



She is an international Luxury Lifestyle Influencer, renowned on Instagram as  _queeny_j

She promotes Brands and international Projects through shootings and the attendance as guest to international events and red carpets.

As well she realizes her own online and printed Magazine entitled The Glam.

Alwaysupportalent is glad to announce that the 5th Episode of Monaco and Friends will be with the special partecipation of  :


CEO & Founder of

FLAVIA CANNATA & LORENA BARICALLA at the Exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld by Simon Procter  

" After a carreer as a Model for international brands, muse and source of inspiration for many fashion designers, Director,of Art Gallery in Monaco Monte-Carlo ... today Flavia Cannata  she work in the fashion indusrtry as Jornalist , Stylist  and Talents Huntress .

She always looking for fresh and ground-breacking designers, to represent and  present them through the online platform of alwaysupportalent and various internationally renowned events such as the Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, Berlin and Rome . "



STAY TUNED and ATTEND with US the next episode of " Monaco and Friends"  SOON ON LINE !

Ph. THIERRY TORRES aka @axel_blackmar

Location Monaco



PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production

Monaco based PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production operates at international level. 

It is specialized in the conception and production of unique big events and shows for corporate and private clients, theatres and events. 

In addition PromoArt create new entertainment projects and develop our activities in cinema, television, multimedia and music production. 

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Examples of episodes can be seen in the series of “Monaco and Friends” on Lorena Baricalla's and PromoArt’s socials and on _queeny_j Yulia Berisset’s socials.

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Both formats are produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production.

Production Director: Tino Genovese.

Communication Director: Dan Lavore.