I was born in Turin, raised in Naples.

 I have a degree in Design, I create jewelry, I follow Fashion as a form of modern literature and I am passionate about physics and chemistry ... I don't like to define myself ; I presume to be simply curious and to use my prerogative as inspiration.

My work is born from the union of everything I like and belongs to me: the studies they have carried out in the artistic field have helped me to broaden the conception and the three-dimensional perception of the figure and everything that can become an idea product.

The jewels that I make are unique and related pieces: each one is born from the conception of the previous one ... a little happens happens in the logic of human thought. I love mixing, overlapping again, techniques and materials.

I love classicism combined with the most original and personal.

I make a free use of materials in order to enhance Second in primis, then in being and finally in becoming through the wearer, creating a sort of happening of beauty ... beautiful things are made to make us more pleasant inside ... reality is that a beautiful thing predisposes you in the mood of inner beauty and the aesthetic result will be only the natural effect of a more intimate cause.

In this sequence of events, who creates the idea and who wears the object, who realizes and who does it ... this is the simple correlation that exists between human beings ... and consequently cannot fail to exist in the art of creation.

ALESSANDRA AIARDO Le Peluchette Capsule collection limited edition for alwaysupportalent

" LES PELUCHETTES " The Mini Capsule Collection by ALESSANDRA AIARDO is available in Limited Edition on the Alwaysupportalent's Shop !

DESCRIPTION : Eco leather hair clips with silver and crystal applications

The Designer wearing her creations!


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